Welcome to the iM@S Solo Part Wikia Edit

The iM@S Solo Part Wikia is dedicated to color coding and picking out solo lines in iDOLM@STER songs from all of the branches. We welcome any and all corrections,  and if you don't see a page for a song, feel free to create the page and get coding!

General InformationEdit

An entire listing of ALL the idols from each branch is available at IDOLM@STER Idols page. This page includes an idol's name, voice actress, and their image color. This page is highly recommended to use while writing and coding pages. (Leon and Shika of 961 Production are omitted since they have no group songs, and will likely never get group songs.)

Regarding ColorsEdit

Because many of the idol's colors may be hard to see, or very similar to another character's color, it is recommended you adjust the hue as you see fit if the page needs it. We try to keep as close to an idol's color as we can, but obviously we have to make adjustments for the benefit of the song page and knowing which idol is singing which line.

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